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ival For the Evangelical Revival
World Fest
World Festival For the Evangelical Revival is a sub-organization Christian International Charitable Foundation <<CVFANR - CIUFTHEANS >>, created by Christians from different denominations to support the couple Evangelists ( Bishop Rev. Evangelist Kounkontine Ezechiel and Evangelist Prophetess Chantal Kambou) do Crusades, Evangelisms, Conferences, Seminars all over the world to impact lives positively. It's consist of winning souls for Christ and minister deliverance to possessed ones, heal the sick and also make disappear poverty from men and women created by God!
General Regulations
Article1: is member of (WOFESTIER) any Christian no matter his social ,economical rank or his/her Christian denomination name etc. if he /she is ready to support by :( Prayer, Advices, Encouragement, Material means,...financially ) the Ministry of Evangelist Ezechiel K. Kambou.
Article2: The respect of the country authorities is obligatory according to the Bible. In case of non-respect of the law of the country, that person is engaging to meet the correction of the law of the country without any support of (WOFESTIER).
Article 3:The leaders in charge of (WOFESTIER) are chosen by the holy spirit via a prayer of the Founder. There's no election!Article4: All the leaders in charge and members of this department must accept contributing by all means for the advancement of this work of God.
Article 5: Misbehaviors (insult, criticism, gossips, calumniates, lies, defamations, segregation, hatreds, jealousy, non respect for leaders of this sub-organization...) are forbidden by (WOFESTIER) department.
Article 6: The Lord Jesus Christ is the supreme chief and exercises His authority through leaders in charge of this team established by the founder-President.
Article 7: The counselors of this department are the Founder-Parents, friends or Partners, members of the Christian International Charitable Foundation <<CVFANR - CIUFTHEANS >.
Article 8: The Preachers are to preach according to the word of God,(Bible) the Love of Jesus Christ, the Power, Miracles and Wonders of Jesus Christ. Preaching against someone, a group of people, an ethnic, indexing a religion to make provocation are forbidden!
General Activities of World Festival For the Evangelical Revival (WOFESTIER)
1- We organize in partnership with Christian gifted musicians Crusades of 2-3 days in the public places in township once every 3 months and, 2-3 days conferences in Messiah's Embassy International Church just at the end of each crusade for the new convert growth.
2- We travel into all over the world, nations, villages to preach Christ and demonstrate His Power.
3- We take the gospel of Christ to markets, bus stations, public places etc.
4- We also organize all night prayer services to demonstrate the power of God.
5- We organize some Christian ambulant markets to help Christians expose and sell their Christian objects.
The Following is The Team Board Of World Evangelical Revival Festival.
* Couple Evangelists ( Bishop  Evangelist Kounkontine Ezechiel and Evangelist Prophetess Chantal Kambou)
* A team called (
Christ's Mobile Commandoes,)  group of Evangelists being in charge of this department.
* Prayer Warriors
* Praise Team
* Counselors
* The Committee in Charge of Protocol and Organizational duties
* A group of people from the Christian World Health Organization (C.WHO)
* A group of people from the God's Mercy Hands International (M.H.I.)
* A group of people from International Judah's Lions Club.
* A group of people from Messiah's Ambassadors Business Men.
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