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The Committee in Charge of Protocol and Organizational Affaires
The Committee In charge of Organization and of Protocol According to the Article 9 of the rules of our organization, the Counselor in charge of organization and Protocol is responsible for all organizational tasks and protocols inherent into the activities undertaken by the Foundation CVFANR-CIUFTHEANS. He also assists the Secretary General and replaces him in his absence. He takes organizational and protocols initiatives he considers good for a better organization of events organized by the foundation. He travels if possible with the Founder-President to assist him in the organizational and protocols affairs. He undertakes steps in collaboration with the Founder for research of: partners, friends, sponsors, etc. to support the development of his department. He offers ideas, advices and plans relating to security to the Founder-President.

Works entrusted into the committee in charge of organization and Protocol are:
1) For Sunday Services and other Worship and Activities, the committee is responsible for organizing honorific, security receptions and installations of the authorities of the Ministry and special guests.
2) The committee is in charge of organizing every activities and programs (Meeting of the Executive board, Seminaries, Conferences, Crusades, All-night prayers ... Retreats which the Ministry organizes.
3) The committee organizes events as: Marriages, Christenings, Ceremony of the dedication of the babes , Feats, Thanksgivings and funerals.
4) The committee is in charge of organizing specially by consulting the reports of the General Inspectors and by the agreement of the High Authorities of the Foundation, the formalities of decorations (awards) to the Members, Partners, Friends etc of this Foundation for services done for the Foundation every year.
5) It, the committee is in charge of organizing honorifically the traveling of the Spiritual Parents (the Founder Bishops) and of certain authorities of the Foundation.
6) It organizes all the Missions of the Executive Members.
The committee of protocol organizes arrivals and departures in a honorific manner of invited guests and special foreigners of the Foundation (Ministry).
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