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Welcome to our Potential Partnership Page
Philippians 1:4-5And every time I pray for you all , I pray with joy because of the way in which you have helped me in the work of the Gospel from the very first day until now.” Knowing we can do nothing alone without any assistance of God through our beloved PARTNERS (Organizations, Churches, Pastors, young people, Schools, Individuals, families etc. and you,) We humbly invite you to become one of our beloved partners!


The Foundation "CVFANR-CIUFTHEANS" deploys all its efforts and forces to defend and protect all its development partners that is a natural person (individuals) or a legal person (group of people). It supports its development partners fighting to protect their interests. The Foundation "CVFANR-CIUFTHEANS" accompanies and support financially, materially, by prayer, advices, if possible all its development partners in pursuing their goals. For those development partners who are legal persons, the Foundation uses their logos, insignia and so on. in a form of advertising to make them known by other individuals and organizations worldwide. The Foundation invites its development partners (individuals or legal persons) into distinguished place of honor them during its events (conferences, seminars, dinners and so on.) Foundation "CVFANR-CIUFTHEANS" reserve honors (decorations) as recognition by Certificates, Medals, insignia and so on. in public for all of its development partners (individuals or legal persons). The Foundation organizes exchange visits of partnership, friendship and recreation for all of its partners.
N.B. The Foundation "CVFANR-CIUFTHEANS" guarantees to send the reports of its activities on a regular basis to all of its development partners.

The Foundation works very closely with its official sponsors. At anytime that this Foundation receives a sponsorship in material or cash, from a legal person (Church, NGOs, Country, Company, Foundation, Embassy, etc. or an Individual) for one of its manifestations, it uses the logo, emblem, flag, insignia and so on. of their institutions in the form of advertising during the events to accompany them in their marketing and by then help them find some potential customers.
The Foundation "CVFANR-CIUFTHEANS" also reserves public honors (decorations) as recognition by certificates, medals, insignia and so on. for all of its officials Sponsors (individuals) or a legal person (group of people). The Foundation organizes exchange visits of partnership, friendship, and recreation for all of its officials Sponsors. The Foundation also invites its Official Sponsors (individuals or legal persons) into distinguished place of honor during his events (conferences, seminars, dinners and so on.) Foundation "CVFANR-CIUFTHEANS" would pledge to send reports of its activities at the end of a program, activity, event etc. to all of its official sponsors for development. Our Potential Partners.

*Article 91 of the constitution of the Foundation: Even though this Foundation CVFANR-CIUFTHEANS is Evangelical Christian and purely apolitical, it is not against the principles of certain International Organizations as: The United Nations (UN), the European Union (EU), the African Union (AU), the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), the United States of America (USA), (ISRAEL), (BURKINA FASO), (GHANA) (YOUR COUNTRY), and (YOU), etc., which fight tirelessly for the total welfare of Mankind, world peace, environment protection, and MEN that the LORD God has created. Therefore, the Foundation CVFANR-CIUFTHEANS proposes to make the path and work very close in collaborative way and partnership with all these International organizations mentioned above for world peace by asking for their material, financial, technical and organizational support so that we can be able to assist them in the common fight for world peace. Being a faithful partner of these International Organizations, the Foundation CVFANR-CIUFTHEANS is engaging to support them in prayer, by its means and also submit to them biblical spiritual advices which may be regarded as the main bricks and necessary for the construction of the world peace.-We invite any Group of People, Individuals etc. to JOIN US INTO THIS ORGANIZATION in PARTNERSHIP and help us by any means fulfill these great MISSIONS. This organization being an International PEACE MAKING ORGANIZATION and its members being Men and Women of PEACE, we are engaged following our objectives by assisting Spiritually, Physically and defending in PEACE regardless the religion, sex and nationality matters accordingly to the Bible cf: Isaiah 61:1-3 & Luke 4:18-19 any human creature being oppressed, violated and abused in their RIGHTS. Therefore, we are working in very solid partnership with the following organizations to so fulfill some of our main objectives (HUMANS PROTECTION). If you want to be one of our Dear Beloved PARTNER(S) in any position with this Christian International Charitable Foundation, Click here to become a Partner(s).