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Messiah's Women Ambassadors
Messiah's Women Ambassadors (MEWA) is a sub-organization of the Christian International Charitable Foundation <<CVFANR - CIUFTHEANS >>. Messiah's Women Ambassadors (MEWA) is as said, a women department founded within this Foundation to support the couple Evangelists ( Bishop Rev. Evangelist Kounkontine Ezechiel and Prophetess Chantal Kambou) by women, men, everybody and you too, to do women's projects, programs, and all the activities that can help any helpless women and girls around the world.

Article1: is member of (MEWA) any Christian no matter her social ,economical rank and regardless his/her denomination etc. if she is ready to support by : (Prayer, Advices , Encouragement, Material,...financially means) the Ministry of Bishop Rev. Evangelist Ezechiel K. Kambou.
Article 2: (MEWA) is a sub-vision given by Messiah, Jesus the prince of PEACE. So whosever engaging to be a member or to follow us engage himself or herself likewise to avoid the following: Quarrels, fights, criticisms, blasphemies, lies ,theft...anything that dishonor our Lord Jesus. In case of non-respect of these above cited items the leaders of this departments will call the guilty and correct him or her accordingly to the Biblical laws.
Article 3: The respect of authorities of the country is obligatory according to the Bible. In case of non-respect of the law of the country, the person engages himself or herself without any support of (MEWA) to meet the correction of the order forces.
Article 4: The head quarter of (MEWA) is always near or within a Messiah's Embassy International church.
Article 5: The leaders in charge of (MEWA) are chosen by the direction of Holy Spirit. Not by election!
Article 6: The counselors of this department are the Founding Parents, friends or Partners of Christian International Charitable Foundation "CVFANR-CIUFTHEANS"
Article 7: all the leaders in charge of this department must accept contributing by all means for the advancement of this work of God.
Article 8: Misbehaviors (insults, criticisms, non respect toward leaders ...) are forbidden in (MWA) department.
Article 9: The Lord Jesus is the supreme chief and therefore exercises His authority through leaders established by the Founder-President for women department.

Objectives Messiah's Women Ambassadors

1) *Propagation of the Gospel by preaching in public, and the medias, to revive nations, and to search for the lost souls.
2) *Spiritual Teachings and recycling through seminars, conferences etc.
3) *Initiate Projects of Development of women's lives in partnership with national, international cooperation, NGOs, Embassies or with the assistance of generous people of goodwill.
4) *Fighting against female diseases of this century (AIDS, STDs, tuberculosis, Cancers Etc.
5) *Fighting against the Women's Genital Mutilation (W.G.M.),
6) *Fighting against the forced marriages etc. to then contribute to the development of women's rights according to the Bible principles.
7) *Fighting against children trading, forced works and the exploitation of children.
8) *Visiting and supporting the Sick (women) in hospitals, and the prisoners (women) in prisons
9) *Supporting fully women and girls needy: widows, orphans, vulnerable children, the helpless elderly women etc.
10) *Creating projects and activities to contribute to women's Socio-Economical development by a sub-organization called "Messiah's Women Ambassadors"
11) *Creating Women Health Centers to help us see that every woman in the country is healthy.
12) *Creating training centers for handcraft and schools for women and young girls
Article 14: The Counselor in charge of Women's Affairs is the leader of the sub-organization called "Messiah's Women Ambassadors", which develops and manages projects and activities relating to Women's Affairs. She is concerned with cases relating to women. She undertakes steps in collaboration with the Founder-President for research of: partners, friends, sponsors, etc. to support the development of her department. She carries out missions to representations of the foundation in the world to encourage women, regroup women, establish women's sub-organizations of the foundation, and provide training and advices to women. She is also in charge of children development affairs and proposes ideas, advices, and women's annual action plans to the Founder-President. For any information, click here to contact us!