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Welcome to "God's Mercy Hand International"
"God's Mercy hand International", is a sub-organization of the Christian International Charitable  Foundation <<CVFANR - CIUFTHEANS >> (Christ Voice For All Nations Christians 'International Union  Foundation To Help Ezechiel Assist Needy and the Sick).
Why God's Mercy hand International?
It’s a resource of (money, materials, foods...) Created by this Christian International Charitable Foundation <<CVFANR - CIUFTHEANS >> (Christ Voice for All Nations Revival-Christians International Union Foundation to Help Ezechiel Assist Needy and the Sick) in PARTNERSHIP with all humanitarian, charitable organizations etc. with the help of all people of good will (YOU)!
Who may benefit of God's Mercy hands International?
Aged people, orphans, vulnerable children, youth, needy women, prisoners, sick etc...regardless the race
sexes, nationality etc...and the religion matters.
What kind help does God's Mercy Hand International need from you?
Food, drugs, clothes, soaps, materials and money...are welcome to support God's Mercy hand International.
Who Are Donors OF God's Mercy hands International?
The members of <<CVFANR -CIUFTHEANS >>,humanitarian and charitable NGOs, Churches and any cheerful giver regardless race, sexes age, nationality, the religion...
How you contribute to the development of God's Mercy Hand International?
- By Giving money, Clothes, Foods, Drugs, Materials and anything useful to be given to human being.
- Informing the cheerful givers, NGOs, Churches, about this God's Mercy hand International.
- Participating to the programs of  "God's Mercy Hand International
- Informing people (your family, friends...) about the God's Mercy Hand International.
How to obtain help from God's Mercy Hands International?
Just call one of the leaders that will examine your needs and act. Or you write us at: God's Hand International 07 P.O. BOX: 5424 Ouagadougou 07 Burkina Faso (West-Africa) Or call us on
+226-7742 3842 or +233 265 807 508. You can a click here to send us an E-mail for more information if necessary. If you want to support us do better in this Organization (God's Mercy hand International), click here to send us your gift.