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*- Dear heavenly Father, you want the Gospel of Your Son Jesus Christ to be preached to all nations so that all MEN may come to know your perfect will in Christ Jesus, you SON. Thank you for the confidence you’d had in me to be the founder of the Ministry (foundation CVFANR-CIUFTHEANS). I agree with you that I will work in honesty, obedience, respect, love, and humility so on. to serve my nation and other nations in the world through this foundation that you have entrusted to me. Now O my God, my Heavenly Father, I ask you to protect this foundation against any weapon (Jealousy, hatred, slander, poverty, calumnies, lies, premature death, so on.) by Remembering the alliance that you have made with our forefather, Abraham in Genesis 12: 3 "I will bless those who bless thee, and I will curse those who curse thee, and all families of the earth will be blessed in you."
*- O God Almighty Father, give to this foundation CVFANR-CIUFTHEANS all necessary means (materials and finances) in abundance by reminding your word that never fail but always comes to pass. Bless your servants in
Haggai 2: 8, which said" The silver is mine, and the gold is mine, saith the LORD of hosts. "Yes the LORD God, I believe and I accept by all my heart that you are very RICH in materials, finances and infrastructures because I believe that everything in heaven and on earth and under the earth is created by you through your beloved Son, LORD Jesus Christ. So I ask you to bless this foundation, its partners, friends, its official sponsors, all members in general with any kind of blessing so that we can accomplish all missions you have entrusted in this foundation.
*- Holy Father, I praise you and thank you for your call that you have shown to me, your servant BISHOP REV. EVANGELIST KAMBOU KOUNKONTINE EZECHIEL. "I ask you to fill me with your Spirit of healing, knowledge, blessing, preaching, speaking of truth, consolation for the world. Provide that the Ministry, the foundation CVFANR-CIUFTHEANS may be a great blessing for any person, nation and any thing created by you through your Son the LORD Jesus Christ. Anoint me to anoint your servants and maidservants to save the world for Christ.
Isaiah 61: 1-3 " 1 The Spirit of the LORD God is upon me; because the LORD hath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek; he hath sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound; To proclaim the acceptable year of the LORD, and the day of vengeance of our God; to comfort all that mourn; To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the LORD, that he might be glorified."
*- I ask you to give me the wisdom that you have given to King Solomon so that I can lead this foundation .- Please give me the love of a dove so that I can love everybody including my enemies .
*- I ask the vigilance of a snake so that I may still be careful of my enemies and all the enemies of this foundation no matter the love I have for them.
*- The LORD God Almighty, give me the vision a monkey so that I can see even in advance any danger against the foundation.
*- I pray Oh my God, kindly give me (the wings, claws and beak of an eagle), a trunk of an elephant, (courage, claws and teeth of a lion) and finally love of a partridge to love and defend members, friends, partners and all official sponsors of the foundation. - Give me love and recognition of a dolphin so that I can enjoy all members, Friends, partners and all official sponsors of this foundation and be grateful to them.
*- Give love and compassion of your Son Jesus Christ so that I can have love and compassion of my enemies. Because they don’t know what they are doing. - Give me the power and ability of a sea so that I can contain a
very great multitude of PEOPLE for the kingdom of your Son Jesus Christ. Remember of me in
Genesis 12: 2 " And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing:"
*- LORD God, get me away from politics and give me the sincere love for the political authorities and of all nations throughout the world so that I can pray every day for them and for the peace of their nations.
*-You have chosen and established me as an Apostle to preach anywhere in the world, and pray that your heavenly blessings in Christ spread extensively on all men. Let that any person or nation who would have been thought and believed in my sermons and prayers be healed, delivered, and so on. and be blessed in abundance in your only begotten Son LORD Jesus Christ.
*- Father Saint and Just, I pray that when I open my mouth to proclaim your oracles, your words full of power and authority, thy Holy Spirit fills me with wisdom and signs, wonders, revelations and miracles always accompany my preaching at your word that is LORD Jesus Christ. Father of Glory, clear your grace, your love and your holiness through me so that numbers (50 million multiplied by an unknown number of souls) move from darkness, the power of Satan to light (Jesus), to freedom (CHRIST), and they arise again for your kingdom. Father, May thy promise to be always with me according to
Matthew 28: 20 be manifest. Accompany me wherever I go (77 Nations multiply by an unknown number of Nations), since my departure and my arrival. Protect me with the blood of your Son Jesus Christ against road accidents, plane crashes, major roads bandits, aircraft and boat hackers, and so on. Help my family members, friends, partners, and faithful friend of this foundation, to always walk in holiness, humility and obedience during our stay on earth. Most Holy Father, I implore your holy grace for longevity on myself, my family members, friends, partners, and faithful friends of this foundation in order to be able to serve you long enough on this earth. Conserve all my being (Spirit, Soul and Body) irreprehensible. May good health and blessings (Financial, Material and Spiritual) be on me, my family members, friends, faithful partners in Your Son Jesus Christ so that I can accomplish the mission that you entrusted unto me.
*- Father protect me against any harm and that the fence of Jesus Christ’s blood be around all my family members, friends, faithful partners of this foundation and myself. Father, protect us against attacks of the enemy by (accidents, falls moral, greed of money, embezzlement, pride… and against all the weapons of enemies according (
Isaiah 54: 14-17). Defend us according to Exodus 14: 13-14 Oh! LORD God the Most Holy and Pure, protects us from the carapace of a sea turtle against the beaks and hawks of reptiles and fish against the Sea (World). LORD, focusing on the book (Mark 11: 24), I thank you for having answered my prayers and having listened and blessed your servant that I am! Being convinced of THY HIGH BLESSINGS on me, my family members, friends, faithful partners LORD, I praise you for the whole life of this foundation CVFANR-CIUFTHEANS. LORD, I thank you, because your blessing is based on me, my family and on this foundation.

Special Prayer for my Spiritual Dads  Moms, Friends and Partners
*- Oh my God who sits on the very Top of the HIGHEST PLACE, on the throne of grace in heaven, I ask you to kindly give a great blessing to my Spiritual Dads and Moms, Friends and Partners. Please bless them with money, with materials, with your Spirit and especially give them a very long life so that they may lives long enough to serve YOU and Your Son LORD Jesus Christ through their ministries and also through this Foundation which is the ministry that you have given me. Do not allow them have any spot of shame during their life time on this earth! I request you to cover our relationship with the INSEPARABLE BLOOD of Your Son Jesus so that nobody can separate us by: Lies, Calumnies, Jealousies, gossip, defamation, etc which are all the products of Satan. -Jehovah, the God of Israel that I am serving with all my heart be the guardian of this relationship between Spiritual Dads and Moms, Friends and Partners and me, Bishop Rev. Evangelist Ezechiel K. Kambou. So any body, whosoever who will try to separate us by any means of Satan, God let that person be disappeared of this planet and go ahead of us into the world of dead. May his/her children become orphans looking for food any where in vain. May his/her wife or husband become a widow and may a curse be upon his/her entire family for ever according to Psalm 35! God you alone know what you told me about these people and myself! Take away and make people forget about any body who will be sent by Satan to separate us! Bless my heart so that I can love them. Please Oh my Holy God; grant them a heart of forgiveness so that they may always forgive me 77 times 7 whenever I come to offend them outside my will!
*- I will always be very grateful to THY HIGH BLESSINGS on me, my family and the foundation that you entrusted to me. AMEN