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Welcome to the "World Christians' Union For Israel"
            Oh Jerusalem! as long as I live, I will support your children and pray for your Peace!
On the God of Israel We Trust to Win this Battle for Christ!

The sub-Organization called the "World Christians 'Union For Israel". In the Bible,
Genesis 12: 3, we read as follows: “And I will bless them that bless thee (Israel), and curse him that curseth thee (Israel),: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed. Here in this quotation in the Bible, we all understand that the LORD God told Israel that any person, country or organization who bless Israel will be blessed by the LORD God, and that any person, country or organization who will curse Israel will be cursed by the LORD God. For these reasons, the foundation CVFANR-CIUFTHEANS has created this sub-Organization to encourage Christians support by prayers and their properties Israel, the historical country of their faith according to the recommendation the LORD has given them in the Bible "Psalms 122:6 " Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee." To better know and understand the history of their faith, we also encourage them to visit Israel. Even though this foundation supports Israel in accordance with the principles of the Bible, it (we) are not against Arabs brothers of Jews. We recognize Ishmael (ancestor of the Arabs and Muslims) as the first illegal son of Abraham and Isaac (ancestor of the Jews and Christians) the legal son, the promised Child by the LORD God to Abraham. Can we say that an illegal child has no blood or genetic types of his Father? No! Whatever the way a child is conceived, it is irrevocably a child of that man. We are neutral about the problems between Jews and Arabs. We support Israel peacefully because the LORD God has recommended us. Therefore anyone who adheres to this foundation, the of Peace must agree to make peace with Arabs and Muslims, Jews and Christians' brothers, all the children of Abraham. As we pray for Jews, we also pray for Arabs. The conflict between Jews and Arabs is a fire that caught the house of a man. Together, let us quench this fire in the house of Abraham.
Very important: Depending on the direction of the LORD God, it is recommended that all the members of each Messiah Embassy International Church should be divided into twelve (12) home churches. These 12 home churches represent the twelve (12) tribes of Israel. So in all the Messiah Embassy International Churches (prayer centers of the foundation CVFANR-CIUFTHEANS), there must be the names of home Churches as following: Home Church 1 "
Ruben". Home Church 2 "Simeon ". home Church 3" Levi ". Home Church 4" Judah ". Home Church 5 " Zebulon, Home Church 6 "Issachar". Home church 7 "Dan". Home church 8 "Gad". Home Church 9 "Asher. Home church 10 " Naphtali. Home Church 11 "Joseph". Home church 12 "Benjamin".

A head or leader of the tribe chairs each the home Church. The head of the tribe monitors Church members (members of his cell) in his area. Thus said, each member of the Messiah Embassy International Church must be a member of a home Church. This one must be very active in his home Church. The head or leader must know the members of his tribe (home church). The role of these prayer cells is to pray for the smooth running of the foundation CVFANR-CIUFTHEANS the Founder, his family, the Church (members and pastors of the Church itself), pray for peace in their country, and pray for Israel especially for the tribe of Israel it represents. All the twelve (12 home churches are led by World Christians' Union For Israel or its representation in the local Church...

1) We are working to get Christians from the entire world regardless their denominations, gender, social rank etc. all united and support Israel by fasting
and pray for Israel, etc.
2) We organize all night prayers in which we raise funds (Materials, foods and Finance) to be sent into Israel for orphans, widows' etc support.
3) We promote the cultures and the values of Israel into the International level.
4) We organize yearly travelling into Israel for an International all night prayer for Israel and for ourselves, to the visit historical places to by this, help
Christians from the World know more about their Holy land, Israel.
5) We are working to help facilitate Israel extend its diplomacy limits throughout the world. (We are working to connect Israel with all the Nations in the
world just to help Israel have an Embassy in any country where at least a Christian is living)
6) We organize conferences, seminars etc. about Israel to help Christians and anybody who loves Israel know more about this blessed Nation (Israel).
7) We do some important projects that can help us get more means for Israel's support.
8) Creation of a Christian International Foot Ball Club "Lions of the Tribe of Judah International"
9) Creating an Evangelical non denominational Television to be called Messiah's Miracles Tv (M.M.Tv)  to accompany the World Christians' Union for Israel in its activities and report them live or rebroadcast so that its Potential Partners may follow step by step in live and know how their donations are used.  Also this Tv called (M.M.Tv) will promote all the Hebrew race, moral, spiritual and cultural values of Israel, the holy land of Jews and Christians.  
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