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Who Do We Help?
According to the following CHARITABLE BIBLE QUOTATION in Matthew 14:15-21 taught by the Lord Jesus Christ, we are then involved in helping any group of people or individuals in their needs REGARDLESS DENOMINATIONS, NATIONALITIES, RELIGIONS, AGES, SEX ETC… We act exactly as what the Lord was doing assisting peoples according to their SPECIFIC NEEDS AS BELOW: “ Deut 10:17-19. " The Lord your God is supreme over all gods and over all powers. He makes sure that orphans and widows are treated fairly; He loves the foreigners who live with our people, and gives them food and clothes. So then show love for foreigners, because you were once foreigners in Egypt ", Deut 24:19 -20. " When you gather your crops and fail to bring in some of the corn that you have cut, do not go back for it ;is to be left for the foreigners, orphans, and widows so that the Lord your God will bless you in everything you do. When you have picked your olives once, do not go back for those that are left; they are for foreigners, orphans and widows ( ALL KINDS OF NEEDY)."

The Lord then has commanded us to do the works here below.

*We come to helping all the NEEDY and all the SICK caused by the natural and political disasters such as: Wars, Climatic problems, Etc….
*We fight against Child abuse, Children Sexual Abuse; injustice made upon the Helpless.
*We do Projects fighting hunger: Feeding the Hungry, Clothing the Naked, Getting Homes for Homeless, Training Children, Young men to become Self-sustainable.
*We do any Project helping any Needy knows how to get his/her fish.
*Social economical activities for development in collaboration with National or International Organizations
*We initiate Some projects of development with the International Cooperation,
*Any project contributing to the reduction of joblessness in Burkina Faso or anywhere in the world.