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The Meaning of The Flag of The "Christian International Charitable Foundation" / Messiah's Embassy
1) Red Color: Death of the Lord Jesus Christ, Christ's life being bound into His blood, The blood which has been shed for the salvation of Humanity (Deut 12: 23, .Lev 5:9)
Orange Color: Resurrection and the coming back of the Lord Jesus Christ. Hope and FAITH of the children of God.(Mark 8:31, Jn 16:16)
Yellow Color: Victory over death, Faithfulness to the promise of His COMING BACK, Riches, honor and dignity of all the Saints in Christ, then WE the Messiah's Ambassadors (Lev 5:10-11, Rev 5:10, Hagg 2: 8)
Green Color: Birth of the Lord Jesus Christ (Mat 1.18), Universe and life (Ps 23:2, Genesis 2:9)
Blue Color: Peace and Love of the Lord Jesus Christ for humanity.(Ps 29:11, Jn 3:16)
Purple Color: The Lord Jesus Christ's sacrifice for the world salvation (1 COR 5:7), the Christ's priesthood (Heb 4:14-15)
Pink Color: Ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ, His human life and His physical ministry for 33 years and half.
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