Copyright Bishop Rev. Evangelist K.K.Ezechiel 's Ministries
This is the main logo of this Foundation CVFANR- CIUFTHEANS (Christ's Voice For All Nations' Revival - Christians' International Union Foundation To Help Ezechiel Assist Needy and the Sick) / Messiah's Embassy International Church.

                                                                                DEFINITION OF THE LOGO AS REVEALED TO US BY GOD.

1-The 2 Lions opposite face to face remember us, we the members of this Ministry( Messiah's Embassy International Church) that our Lord Jesus Christ is the LION OF THE TRIBE OF JUDAH who has overcome the battle and opened the BOOK. As Jesus Christ is the Lion of the tribe of Judah, WE that are HIS Ambassadors are acting as LIONS AND LIONESSES OF THE TRIBE OF JUDAH according to Revelation 5:5. We by here also declare and proclaim that God will use these Lions to defeat all our enemies.
2-The blue circle around the globe stands here as the symbol of PEACE that we are bringing to the world to save it by the LOVE of GOD through the Lord Jesus Christ according to Jn 3:16.
3-The scriptures Rev. 5:1-6 around the globe indicate biblically our reason of being the lions of the tribe of Judah. This also means our dominion over the world.
4-The opened BOOK under the globe is the book that the LION of the tribe of Judah has opened and has saved the mankind. This book stands here to be the word of the Living God that we are using to save the world for the Christ!
5-The Cross and the flame in the center of the opened book tells us that the Lord Jesus is the Center of the word of God. It also reminds us that our Lord Jesus Christ is THE WORD OF GOD and is the Author of the Creation of WORLD according to the book of Jn 1:1-14.
6-The Flame with the Cross in the center of the opened book explain that we, the Messiah's Ambassadors have Fire (the Holy Spirit) that we use to demonstrate the Power of God by Prophecies, Signs, Wonders, Miracles, Love etc trough the word of God.
7-The number 7 with red color that is on the globe stands as the 7 seals, 7 Spirits of God that is also Jesus! Rev. 3:1 and Rev. 5:6
8-The Star of The king David or the Star of Israel over the blue circle that covers the globe indicates our firm partnership, the endless relationship with Israel by Biblical Alliance and by a divine revelation that we have received from the Lord Jesus Christ to support Israel by all means. This revelation that we received from the Lord is confirmed in Genesis 12:3. Therefore being Lions of the tribe of Judah, this star makes us acting as Jews (Israelites) by the covenant blood of the Lord Jesus.
9-The 2 Keys that cross over one another in the middle of the globe is the UNITED INVISIBLE FATAL WEAPONS that the Lord Jesus uses to open our blessings doors and no enemy will be able to shut. He likewise uses these Keys to shut all the doors of any one who dare to be our enemy and none will be able to open.  Isa 22:22.
10-The Scripture (Messiah's Embassy) on the blue circle signifies that this Ministry is working to cover the world and make all Men and Women in this world to be Messiah's Ambassadors( Disciples of the Christ) according to the Great Commission, one of the last words of the Lord Jesus Christ in Mathew 28:19-20.
11-The banner under the blue circle bearing 3 scriptures (1 God, 1 People, 1 Family! ) is the slogan of our Ministry and also the symbol of our unbeatable LOVE that we have for our Beloved Brothers and Sisters (the Messiah's Ambassadors), treating everybody as people of ONE FAMILY worshiping ONE GOD! These 3 scriptures on this banner tell people that NO ONE CAN BE A MEMBER OF THIS MINISTRY IF HE/SHE DOES NOT LOVE OTHER PEOPLE AS HE/SHE LOVES HIMSELF!  - It also stands to explain the COMPASSION THAT WE HAVE FOR THE NEEDY AND THE SICK IN THIS WORLD!
12- The flame is behind each Lion is the light that we are bringing to the world. It is also the glory of God upon us 2Co 4:6
13- The white star in front of each Lion are Blessings, Prosperities... etc and Hope that wait for any member of this Ministry. De 28:1-14
14- The 2 circles with scriptures round the logo mean the total protection of God over the Ministry (Isaiah 54:17)