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On Tuesday September 1, 2009 a very rain of more than 350 mm has been registered by meteorologists. This rain brought a very bad flood on the whole land of Ouagadougou. About 15,000 houses have been destroyed, more than 66,000 people are homeless, at least 30 people died and some cars, motorcycles etc all have been carried away by the flood!
*Our Church, "Messiah's Embassy International Church" is unfortunately counted among those houses which have been destroyed by this flood. View pictures we snapped from the Church just after the flood is gone! Dear Brothers and Beloved Sisters, King Solomon in his time builded a TEMPLE with his people and his friends for the Lord, Jehovah. Today, You and I altogether, let's build a
Messiah's Embassy International Church.
Your Messiah's Embassy International Church will be like this. Fast and pray for the realization of this project!
To realize this project, 150,000.00 $ USD is needed! If you want to make a donation with any amount to support us build this Church, click here.