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This "World Evangelical Revival Echoes" is an Evangelical Christian International Revival Magazine (Newspaper) created by the Messiah's Embassy International Church to follow step by step the Founder, Bishop Evangelist Ezechiel K. KAMBOU and report all the events (Miracles, Signs, Wonders, etc. performed by the Living God, the God of Israel via the Ministry of this anointed couple (Chantal & Ezechiel). This Magazine also reports and rebroadcasts on papers all the evangelical events from partners, /span> friends and from partner Churches, Ministries to help them advertise their activities. It also warns Christians about a danger or good news coming. It is also our page of Testimonies and & Advertisements. Therefore, feel free to click here and send your testimonies (what the Lord has done for you) or send your name, the logo (banners), and the full contacts of your Business by clicking here for advertisement. For demand of prayers, click here and the prayer warriors and I will to pray for you! Please Make a look on the photos here below to read our Testimonies.
N.B. We are giving these testimonies just to glorify the name of our living God!
Mrs Bado had given birth 2 times by surgical operations. In her third childbirth, Dr. told her the delivery would be by a surgical operation but by a risk to loose her life. But she came here in Messiah's embassy 'Rev. Ev. Ezechiel K. Kambou prayed for her and prophesied that she would give deliver safely without any surgical operation. In her delivery it happened so. she delivered safely without any operation. 
Mrs Dah is a widow of AIDS. Her husband died from AIDS and after her husband died she fell sick of AIDS in the point to die too. when sheared of talked of Messiah's Embassy Int'l Church, she came we prayed for her and she has been healed from the sickness. To testify to her brothers and sisters suffering with AIDS that God heals AIDS, she asked us to make a photo with her.
This boy Gelbéogo Etienne had been mad for 4 years. Demons prevented him from talking .During those 4 yrs he was eating disorders and was attacking people. One day his uncle that's holding by shoulder, heard talked of the Messiah's Embassy brought him for a prayer. While preaching Ev. Ezechiel K. Kambou gave an order to the young man to say in the name of Jesus I am healed and as soon as he repeated he was healed immediately.
Maria and Déborah are 2 girls the Lord Jesus did resurrected from dead to life. These 2 pretty girls you can see were all dead I don't know what pouched to me pray for them and God brought them back from dead to life. One day they they decided to make a photo for a souvenir with me.
-Deborah, the shorter girl has been resurrected in
-Maria, the taller girl has been resurrected in
Pastor Hien Barthelemy was married to this woman Miriam Somé. This Pastoral couple was suffering of bareness for 18 years. As they came to Messiah's Embassy we prayed for them and they got this boy Hien Emmanuel.
Sister Mossé Germaine was born with a very serious blood sickness, said incurable. As soon as she came to Messiah's Embassy, Evangelist K.K. Ezechiel prayed for her and she was cured immediately.
These two sitting men here were all mad. During our Evangelism out reach, we met them and prayer for them and now they all got healed by the Power of God as you can see them here sitting!
This man you can see standing up was paralytic. I met him and prayed for him a Saturday and the next day being a Sunday he walked into our church and asked us a permission to testify how he became paralytic and how he got healing.