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Welcome to the Friends and Families Fellowship
The Friends and Families Fellowship is a Divine Community Lunch consisting of inviting our dearest friends and beloved
families for a special program to share the word of God with them through Luke 16: 20 - 31 trying to save them for Christ. This
program may be a: Crusade, Out reach or a Conference for 2 or 3 days. At the end of the program being the second day, we
organize a Special Community Party to dine with our  dear Friends and beloved Families and distribute surprising gifts.
This program takes place each 3 months in all the Messiah's Embassy International Churches.
The aim of this program, F.F.F. is to:
1- Save our Friends and Families for Christ
2- Show our loves to our friends and our families
3- Reconcile friends and families Matt 5: 24-25
4- Create new friends
5- Make Messiah's Embassy the largest family in the world