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Ezechiel Kounkontine Kambou is born in 1976s from a traditional believing family in the South-Western region of former Upper- Volta called now Burkina Faso (Country of Honest People) since 1984 under effects of the revolution directed by His Excellency captain Thomas Sankara. He (Ezechiel) was born from two illiterate couple finding their daily bread from farming and from some free personal activities in the village.

Ezechiel's heart and the Lord Christ Jesus!
Though he was born from this  traditional believing family, K.K. Ezechiel believes that God has a purpose of bringing him into this world via this family. Since his infant age, it is said that there were some miraculous signs in his life making him so different from other children of his age. He believes by the special grace of God an African also can really be called by God from his mother's womb to serve Him as He did to Hebrews in the old times."
Jeremiah 1:5 " Before I formed you in the womb of your mother I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations." In his childhood, his mother said that he spent all his child boy age saying he is not a Lobi and  had been telling them things that had happened long ago he was not born. He used to tell people some things that would happen in future and they come to accomplish and when they gave him any food scarified on idols, after eating that he fell sick. After this age, he was sitting and lying down on the ground asking himself "where should he go if only something happens in his life and he dies. When he went to the bush and saw the nature (trees, grass...etc. he used to wonder who waters them here in this forest". The responses he had from his heart was that there is A SUPREME GOD who created everything and feeds them. This, he calls it self-evangelism. There is no Pastor, no Evangelist...who may testify today he/she preached to K.K.E. and he gave his life to Christ. In the
village where he was born, there was no church at that time. Then when he came to the town of the village, there was an evangelical church called Protestant Evangelical Church which just came to arrive. One day K.K.E. decided to attend that church. So he went there. he was attending that church till he went to Ouagadougou the Burkina Faso capital city where he was following hi late aunt Mrs Ouédraogo Agnes to an Evangelical church "Apostolic Mission Church". He confessed Christ and stay in this church till he has been baptized in water on
03/10/1992  by Pastor Paul Kaboré  and Pastor Jacques Nignan. After one week of this baptism, he was lying down in a bed room alone on a bed and there fell down the Holly Spirit on him and he went into a trance for some good moments. In this called trance, he saw so many things which convinced him that he is saved and called to serve God. 

Education Background.

In the village where K.K.E. was born there was no classic school. There was only a young farmers' training school. When you go to that school, after 3 years they suppose you that know how to farm so they send you back home to start farming. God knowing the BEST PLAN He has for K.K.E. according to the book of
Jeremiah 29:11, he attended that school and the trainer (teacher) was so happy of him and sent him to town to continue his education in a primary school. In this school, God did a miracle by helping him got his primary school certificate. Then he ran to his uncles and aunts in Ouagadougou to attend a secondary school. They sent him to a Christian secondary "Youth For Christ". After 2 years, he had a direction from the Lord to leave the school and serve Him. With human thought he was very sad and started to complain for he too like other young boys, wanted to end his education and probably become SOMEBODY and help his family.
K.K.E's  call to the service of God.
To be sure of his call even as the Lord has appeared Himself so many times in Dreams, Trances, and in eyes open visions to him, he still continued asking God to prove him by a sign that He has called him to His service. This because some of his relatives and friends were laughing, scorning at him when they heard him say he is called to serve God. So he then asked God a sign of his call. So God told him that He has called him to be an
Evangelist for all Nations Revival. Therefore, the sign is that he'd speak English within 3 months. And before the end of those 3 months K.K.E. used to dream of some English words and when he woke up from the dream he studied the word and the next day some English students from University of Ouagadougou came and asked him the meaning of the same word. In this and so, he began to speak English in the end of the 3 months as God told him. There are many signs about his call and even he continues to receive some signs but this one is a sample physical sign to prove his call. After this calling sign the Lord Jesus sent him to Liberia during the civilian war of Liberia. In this war one day he was sleeping and had a dream or a night vision. In the dream he had a group of people following him into bush. When they reached the bush they harvested some honey from a hive without fire and put them into a bucket. The bucket was full overflowing of the honey. When they were coming back from the bush, he saw in this dream A WELL KNOWN INTERNATIONAL ANOINTED MAN OF GOD (Rev. Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke) the founder of " " Christ For All Nations, doing a crusade with a very large crowd attending the crusade. As soon as he saw him, he called him to come and join him minister for  the crusade. When he went to him, he saw him using an anointing oil onto people and the Holly Spirit was moving, the sick were healed from their sickness...Seeing this, he asked him "why I am helping you do this crusade, you don't put any oil on me and you are using this anointing oil on people?" In spite of the question, the Man of God laughed and told him " it's always the sick who need a Doctor. Not a healthy person. You have already what I have." K.K.E. insisted telling him to anoint him so that he may get in double what the Man of God has. Then he made him kneel down on his knees and he poured a very small oil on his head and the oil got all K.K.E.'s  body wet in the dream. This  dream was a message from the Lord to K.K.E. When he woke up from the dream he did not know the meaning of it at all. While wondering about the dream he heard a very strong voice saying to him "Oh you mortal man, man of little faith. Stand now on your feet and do my works for it is ME who anointed you through this world known man as my servant, as I sent my servant Samuel to go and anoint my servant David. The Lord told  K.K.E. to read the following quotations and then accept the anointing He has given to him by His own hand through His servant (1 Samuel 16:1........13),and (Luke 5:31).In 1998 God sent him back to Burkina Faso his home country where he started these ministries and God is doing so many miracles, signs, and wonders similar to the man He sent to come and anoint him in a dream .When he was coming back to his country, the Lord told him He had prepared a sign to confirm his call. So he came and found that the both Pastors who baptized him have all become the head-leaders of "Apostolic Mission Church". Pastor Paul Kaboré being the president and Pastor  Jacques Nignan the Vice-president in the same year. cf. These Pastors are those who baptized K.K.E. in 03/10/1992

Who believes to the ministry of Ezechiel?
*Whoever (maybe you) who likes Biblical truth, believes K.K.E's Ministries. He has been encouraged by so many people ,Christians, Pastors, Evangelists, Deacons, Prophets...etc. He particularly thank the LORD JESUS who also made this ministry to be loved by our fellow Hebrew Christians throughout the world. we receive many encouragements from many HEBREWS (Messianic Jews) who write us saying they love this VISION and especially our doctrinal statements.

Why  Preaching. etc. in English and French although you are a French man? a French man a Burkina Faso national in the West-Africa but he is preaching in French and in English by a special miracle that God did for him as a sign to confirm his call to the service of God.
Who is Bishop Evangelist Kambou Kounkontine Ezechiel ?