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Who is Evangelist Prophetess Chantal Kambou?
Ev. Prophetess Chantal Kambou is born in 1979s from a family where the father was Muslim and the mother was a catholic, in Ouahigouya, in the northern region of former Upper- Volta called now Burkina Faso (
Country of Honest People) since 1984 under effects of the revolution directed by His Excellency captain Thomas Sankara. She (Chantal) was born from two two people(a retired Soldier and an house-hold woman. This woman is a useful tool that the Lord has given to support our ministry. She is the second wife according to K.K.E. Yes! He said that the Ministry "CVFANR-CIUFTHEANS" is his first wife and "CHANTAL KAMBOU" is his second wife .K.K.E. got registration number of this ministry from the Burkina Faso's authorities on 14 September 2000 and God told him on that very day that he had just come getting married to a woman "CVFANR-CIUFTHEANS". After He told him one day when preaching to a group of people that He had prepared a young girl to be his wife and he had to get himself ready for wedding on Saturday 14 September 2003. K.K.E. did not know that the 14th September 2003 would be a Saturday. But as he knew who is his God, he just believed and was waiting for what He'd do for him. One day, a Saturday, K.K.E. was ministering deliverance to people in his Church and there came a very nice young girl, short and natural fair in complexion for prayer. he didn't ever met her before ,knew her or heard talked of her either. But after worshiping, adoration and then K.K.E. started  ministering. When ministering, the Lord told him to tell the young girl Chantal publicly to come into altar and join him pray for people because she is the woman God has prepared for him. Oh my dear people of God, do you see the risk your brother (Ezechiel) had to take? How can you go and tell somebody you don't ever know publicly she is your wife. You even don't know whether she is engaged to somebody for marriage. K.K.E. obeyed to the commandment of the Lord. He told her in front of people there attending the program that she is the woman God has prepared for  me.

Whatsoever God says is really true!
This young lady Chantal was not promised to marry any person. After my declaration of what God told K.K.E. about her, even her parents said that they had a dream that their daughter was married to a very poor man of God and  after their wedding God has blessed them with all kind of blessing. For K.K.E. to marry this good woman, it wasn't easy at all. But as she's been given by God, He the giver assisted him marry her in very poor condition and God has started blessing them. This woman who has been school for longtime, can today preach in French and in English because of her boldness and the anointing bestowed on her by God. This woman, Chantal who is lovely called " Lioness of Judah" all because of the anointing that her, is impacting her generation by preaching, miracles, wonders, signs and so on demonstration the power of God.
God had given Isaiah 42: 1...end to Chantal to be read everyday because He called her to serve Him!